RABA Services Beware SVG Malware

This is a widely used files by a lot of designers and developers. Even here at RABA Services we uses it to display our logo.

So what is SVG? It is also known as Scalable-Vector-Graphic and is widely used for designer to create scalable image for printing / etc..

In this case the SVG image is used in website to make it looks good on any devices.

There are cases that a few line of codes were embedded to the SVG file itself to make it run something on the background of the server everytime it was loaded which take up a lot of resources.

As example in the image shown that is just a normal SVG code with an extra javascript line (8 – 14) that initiate mining everytime the image is loaded.

Especially for web developer, please take note on the SVG image or any source code that you downloaded to make sure there are no explicit content laying around in the code.

Fret not, our SVGs are Malware free! It’s against our principle to implement such a thing to our visitors unwillingly. Feel free to go through our website worry free.


– BroTech –

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